Growth hormone

Growth hormone promotes human growth and regulate the body's material metabolism. Growth hormone through the inhibition of muscle and adipose tissue grapes dwarfism sugar, while promoting the role of gluconeogenesis in the liver and glycogen decomposition, so that the blood sugar. Growth hormone can promote fat decomposition, so that the elevated plasma free fatty acids. Hunger, reduced insulin secretion, increased growth hormone secretion, so blood glucose by reducing fat utilization increased plasma glucose and free fatty acid content increased.As follows:① promote growth: the promotion of bone, cartilage, muscle and other tissue cell proliferation and protein synthesis, thus speeding up the growth and development of bones and muscles.② Adjust metabolism: the promotion of protein metabolism, especially the liver outside the organization of protein synthesis; promoting amino acids enter the cell, enhance of DNA, RNA synthesis, to reduce urinary nitrogen, was nitrogen are balanced; enhanced lipolysis and antibody formation; inhibition of peripheral tissue uptake and utilization of glucose, reducing the consumption of glucose, elevated blood sugar levels.

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